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AFRIKANET: Innovative Broadband Solutions for AFRICA via Satellite.

Afrikanet Oxford Consultech Limited provides affordable, fast and reliable broadband internet solutions across AFRICA.

AFRIKANET was formed in 1999 to provide Broadband services and wireless, WiMax and WiFi access solutions via satellite for the African market. Based at the Oxford Culham Innovation Centre, we have 5 fully redundant Virtual Network Centres in Germany, The Netherlands, London, and the USA on iDirect and a Comtech Vipersat Hub. We also provide SCPC services and all the Hubs are remotely managed from the Company’s Network Centre in London.

Our key difference is our technical expertise, customer support and our service is delivered through a well organized channel of our own offices or our partners all over the continent, in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya, DRC, Zambia, Chad, Angola, Senegal, etc....

We offer a diverse range of products and support a wide scope of projects, these include: ISPs, Hospitals, Universities, NGOs, Financial Institutions, Government agencies, Oil and Gas companies, SME and Corporate offices and remote accomodation compounds, etc..

We deeply believe in what we do, in the strength of close relationships with our customers and we like to think that when working in partnership with our clients, nothing is impossible.

10 reasons to work with AFRIKANET :

Now you know more about what AFRIKANET does, we will give you TEN reasons why working with us can help with the success of business:

- AFRIKANET listens. You have an enquiry? A question? A project? Anything you would like to know will be provided by our teams.

- AFRIKANET is responsive. Every effort is made to get you an answer within 48 hours. Often it is a lot less than that.

- AFRIKANET will contact you. We will pick up the phone, call you, and discuss what you need, to find out what you really need not just give an “off the shelf” answer, we listen carefully your expectations and wish to exceed them.

- AFRIKANET is growing WITH YOU. We wish to build close relationships in every project. It is important to us that understand all your requirements in order to take an idea and deliver a successful project.

- AFRIKANET is affordable. Our equipment is industry standard proven technology. We keep capital cost as low as possible, our service offerings are flexible, tailored to your requirements and the flexibility we have means our services are among the most competitive available but best of all our expertise and advice is FREE .

- AFRIKANET covers the whole of AFRICA. Check our satellite footprints and you will see that wherever you are in Africa, you are covered by one of our satellites.

- AFRIKANET is using proven technologies to provide you the best network(s). Ku band, C Band, TDMA, SCPC, WLAN, WIMAX, WIFI, LRCP, VOIP, CIP, etc... Whatever you need to meet your communications requirements Afriknet can provide. We are a “one stop shop” concept to commissioning and handover there is no need to contact anyone else, one point of contact and all your network needs can be met.

- AFRIKANET is YOUR partner. With our footprint and local content in AFRICA, we are able to create partnerships all over the continent. NGO, Hospital, University, Bank, Company, etc... you can be sure we will find a solution to meet your needs.

- AFRIKANET offers support and maintenance. You are never left alone. Every time you need us, we are available for you, online, over the phone and in Africa. Our technical teams are working for you, and are at your disposal.

- AFRIKANET is bilingual. French speaking? English speaking? We have both so we can communicate properly. We speak your language.


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